September 04, 2017 in #international

travel the world

Traveling expands your horizons... you've heard about that already. But a more enriching experience comes from studying abroad and living in another country. In an impressive GLOSSARI research project, researchers from the University of Georgia concluded that not only does studying abroad increase the intercultural understanding and knowledge, but also impacts positively academic success, even for the "at-risk" students[1]. Another study from the University of Florida links study abroad with increased creative thinking skills[2].

Having explored different educational systems myself, this experience helps me compare and contrast learning and teaching choices in different cultural environments, as well as propose solutions adapted to the local needs.

Enriching as my experiences have been, as a student, teacher and international collaborations coordinator, I'll use this blog to describe some of my thoughts on the internationalisation, cross-cultural communication and challenges and creative solutions I encounter in countries where I worked and studied.

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